Pursuant to Decrees of the Honorable Ronald Thurman; Chancellor for the 13th Judicial District sitting at Crossville; Tennessee; made in the cause of: WYNDHAM VACATION RESORTS, INC. against the below described Defendants and property owners:
I will on Monday, November 20, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., prevailing time, in the second floor lobby of the Cumberland County Justice Center, 60 Justice Center Dr., Crossville, Tennessee 38555, sell to the highest and best bidder(s) the timeshare unit weeks by Resort as follows:
Kensington Woods: Yvonne D. Meuse and Ronald F. Meuse, Trustees of the Yvonne D. Meuse Living Trust, u/t/d July 31, 2003 U52/WK45/TH5; James P. & Barbara C. Hopkins U39/WK35/TH2; Mark McCarthy U77/WK19/TH11; William I. McMillan U74/WK32/TH10; Louis J. & Perle M. Mrozowski U82/WK15/TH12; Richard Perillo U57/WK1/TH6; Natalie I. Perkins, Trustee of the Natalie I. Perkins Family Trust, dated May 12, 1998 U47/WKS14&27/TH4; Willard L. & Shari L.P. Pierce U76/WK39/TH11; Timothy D. Russell U53/WK21/TH5; Nanci Santos U51/WK48/TH5; Paul F. Sells & Stanley Dean Sells U36/WKS27&52/TH1; Edward E. & Catherine L. Ward U61/WK46/TH7; James Koon & Katherine S. Williams U40/WK11/TH2; Scott Klein U5336/WK35/TH1; Jene Journeys, LLC U41/WK8/TH2; Doris M. Wilson, Trustee of the Doris M. Wilson Revocable Trust u/a/d February 28, 1996 U68/WK20/TH9; AMA Web Marketing, Inc. U72/WK27/TH10 & U76/WK1/TH11; Carl L. & Rebecca L. Bergstrom U58/WK44/TH6; and Angel Onwardo, LLC U65/WK1/TH8; U69/WKS3&22/TH9; U77/WK18/TH11 & U60/WK1/TH7.
Laurel Ridge: Scott Klein U1212/WK45/TH9; Ryan Nolin U1221/WK12/TH11; Carlos W. & Judy R. Spink U1215/WK45/TH10; CW Consulting Services, LLC U1212/WK51/TH9; A&A Mortage Specialists, LLC U1219/WK15/TH11; Robert G. & Lorine H. Newton, Trustees, or their succesors in trust, under the Robert G. & Lorine H. Newton Living Trust, dated Jan. 18, 1999 U1156/WK19/TH1; Access Travel, LLC U1167&1168WK50/TH2; Angel Onwardo, LLC U1169&1170/WK30/TH2 & U1169&1170/WK27/TH2; and Jonathan Odell & Mary K. Barbour U1217/WK37/TH10.
Oak Knoll: Robert L. Rosenbaum U36/WK1/TH9; Wayne W. & Deborah E. Russell U4/WK1/TH1; and James P. & Barbara J. Sanford U36/WK14/TH9.
Sterling Forest: James K. & Courtney leva U34/WK9/TH7; Interval Weeks Inventory, LLC U4/WK38/TH1; Scott Klein U7/WK47/TH1 & U32/WK33/TH7; DWCMFC, LLC U25/WK39/TH5; Crystal Eddy U30/WK28/TH6; and Resort Management Services, LLC d/b/a Club Select Resorts, LLC U11/WK2/TH2.
Stonecastle Place: Christopher E. Pratt & Traci R. Allen as Trustees of the Christopher E. Pratt & Traci R. Allen Joint Living Revocable Trust U1128/WK51/TH7; Anvit Group, LLC U11I6/WK48/TH4; Charles Banyard U117/WK6/TH5; Jason & Erin Bruce U1116/WK19/TH4; Virginia M. Hough & Robert R. Pace U1115/WK48/TH4; Executive Property Options, LLC U1132/WK30/TH8; Fun in the Sun Vacation Rentals, Inc. U1118/WK47/TH5; Shonderick Holloway U1128/WK2/TH7; and Ramona Maiorella U1124/WK23/TH6.
StoneCastle Townhouses: Frederick & Jayne O. Quellmalz U1108/WK2/TH2; C.M. Blackburn Ul106/WK11/TH1; Angel Onwardo, LLC U1139/WK22/TH11; U1111WK39/TH3 & U1108/WK34/TH2; Robert L. & Mary P. Karger U1107/WK17/TH2; Stephen L. & Brigette M. Cook U1102/WK12/TH1; John Gallant, Jr. U1151/WK3/TH9; Patsy Holder U1110/WK33/TH2; and M. Wayne & Linda G. Means U1110/WK49/TH2.
Wellington Place: William F. & Vera M. Smith U5911/WK8/Condo2 and Robert N. & Audrey H. Sontag U5933/WK I 5/Condo5.
Said sale will be for CASH or on a credit of six (6) months nor more than two (2) years, taking from the purchaser a deposit of no less than 10% of the purchase price, plus one or more notes for the balance of the purchase money, drawing interest at 10% per annum from the date of the sale and retaining a lien on the property as further security. Said sale shall be in bar of the equity of redemption.
This the 23RD day of October, 2017.
/s/Sue Tollett Sue Tollett, Clerk and Master
Publication Dates: Oct 31, Nov 7, Nov 14, 2017
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PostedOctober 31, 2017